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DigitalDeepak’s Digital Marketing Internship Review

Here is a review by my friend Akshay Deep, who attended the first batch of DigitalDeepak’s Digital Marketing Internship.

Click here if you want to know more about the Digital Marketing Internship – second batch that Deepak is about to kick off.


Looking back at the Digital Marketing Internship Program

By Akshay Deep

04.12.2019 will forever be a milestone date in my Career!

That was the day when I took a ‘life-changing’ decision by Registering for the Digital Marketing Internship Program where you are directly mentored by Digital Deepak himself.

Being a total newbie in the Digital Marketing Field, I was a bit skeptical at first on how things would pan out.

I did not have a website, hadn’t written a blog ever, didn’t know google analytics, keyword search, what’s a niche and many other things.

I felt just committing myself fully to the Internship would be best.

That decision was the game-changer for me!

Here are my ‘key takeaways’ from the Program.

1. I could feel “New Akshay” emerging

At various stages of the internship, I was literally pushed to the limit of what I thought was actually possible by myself.

The first time was when we were given the assignment to write a 500-word blog. As I said earlier, I had never written one before!

Being an Engineer by qualification, writing was never my forte.

Given that we had to submit the assignment (within 7 days) added to the pressure for me.

But somehow, I dished out my first-ever blog in time!

Felt awesome as I did something new for the first time for ages.

Completely ‘out of my comfort zone’.

Not only this, there were many firsts for me in this internship.

My First Website… First YouTube Video… First Sales Page… First Landing Page.

2. Earning & Learning simultaneously

One of the unique features of this program was that you actually get paid as you complete your assignments (fully, properly & on time).

This was a masterstroke by Deepak.

Because of this, I learned to be unreasonable (No Excuses whatsoever)

So many times I had genuine reasons to delay completing my assignments; like being busy with my day-to-day life or not being able to understand how to complete the assignments.

But I always ensured I finished them on time…every time.

Once I finished it just in the nick of time!

3. Fellow Intern Community Support

The other best part of this program was the support I received from fellow Interns; be it in our WhatsApp Group or Facebook Group.

I could feel the camaraderie fellow interns had in helping one another in solving problems, completing assignments, giving genuine feedback or explaining some hard-to-understand concepts.

I never felt I was alone in my journey.

A BONUS was the Networking Opportunity such a system opened up.

As they say, “Your NetWork = Your NetWorth”

4. ‘Out of Syllabus’ Coaching

Apart from the general Digital Marketing stuff, Deepak also shared a bit of Life’s Philosophy to ensure all of us become the best versions of ourselves.
Things like… Frugal Living, finding our ikigai (living our life with purpose) or managing money (what you can’t measure, you can’t improve).

5. Mentor & Team putting 10x efforts

Even though this program really challenged my limiting belief of whats possible, I was amazed to notice the extra-ordinary efforts put in by Deepak and his Team to ensure this first-ever one-of-a-kind internship turns out to be a smashing Success!

Be it in meticulous planning, course structure (even a novice like me could learn), extra coaching sessions on weekends or making separate how-to-do videos to ensure all of us understand the concept / tool clearly.

I could sense that they wanted all of us to really Learn Digital Marketing!

All in all, this was the ‘Best Decision’ I made in my Career!

Thanks Deepak!


PS: Click here to see Akshay’s original article (used with permission).