13 ways to make Your Landing Pages Convert

The question everyone seems to be asking is “How can I get my landing pages (squeeze pages) to convert at unbelievable rates?” Here are 13 actions that you can take when constructing every landing page to increase your conversions.

  1. The first question you must ask yourself is “who am I talking to?” Essentially this boils down to who they are, and what exactly do they want. However, the even bigger aspect involves using the appropriate words and images to appeal to certain customers that come into contact with your squeeze page.
  2. The most common mistake that people make when it comes to crafting a squeeze page is believing more is better. That belief would make sense if people would pay attention, read all the information, and then act accordingly. Sadly, that is not the case. The overwhelming majority of people will see a crowded page, become bored or anxious, and leave the page. KEEP IT SIMPLE and think about the average person’s attention span (3 seconds).
  3. Split-test EVERYTHING. Use “Google website optimizer” and test it all (graphics, opt-in button, fonts, your colors, headlines, etc…)
  4. Remember everything should trickle down from the headline. So different font colors and sizes are fine, but that headline should be your one concrete focal point that immediately captures everyone’s attention.
  5. Consistency is the key. Do not list information that could ever be perceived as being counter-intuitive to the point. For example, do not construct a headline that reads “The unbelievable benefits of weight loss” and then include bullet points that focus on the benefits of exercise. Inconsistencies lead to confusion, which leads to losing potential customers.
  6. This might sound obvious, but make sure your sales page and squeeze page are centered around one another. In other words, do not have a sales page that informs readers about strategies to generate traffic and then have a squeeze page that refers to internet marketing in general.
  7. Be enticing and sell the benefits. You are not just selling a dish. You are selling the sweet and zesty taste of the sauce, the tender portion that brings satisfaction to all, and the smell that fills up a room.
  8. Disregard your personal opinion. You might think that you found the greatest headline, bullet points, and color scheme, but in reality, it boils down to the central question (“what converts the best?”). Remember #3. TEST EVERYTHING.
  9. Think “above the fold.” Remember, your squeeze page is likely to extend past that fold, which divides a computer screen into what people see without scrolling and the bottom that is accessible to those who choose to scroll. The difference is that those who want to scroll should be the individuals who have not made up their minds. So that means the non-scrollers should see the most important stuff (the headline, bullets, and opt-in form) – even if they don’t scroll down.
  10. Tell them what needs to be done. Apparently, your visitors are looking for something. Why else would they be on your squeeze page? Do not be long-winded. Simply tell them what they are getting and what they need to do.
  11. Colors make a difference. It may be hard to believe, but distinct colors have been shown to convert more often than others; however, these colors vary based on your offers and audience. So try some different colors and test, test, test.
    Note: Try introducing opposite colors from the color wheel to your page and see if that helps.
  12. Radiate true characteristics. This means putting your contact information at the bottom of the page, displaying your logo, including concrete testimonials that sound great, and including how long you have been in business. Additionally, you can include any awards or certificates that show legitimacy. Remember, DO NOT clutter the page.
  13. Ask questions. The best squeeze page tactic is to simply ask questions that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” For example, “Would you like to lose 15 pounds?”, “Do you want to be loved by everyone?”, “Would you like to look 5 years younger?” Just by being on your website they are in a so-called “yes frame of mind,” which essentially means introducing these types of questions almost guarantees they will choose to opt into your list.

31 Tips To Marketing On A Shoestring Budget (Part 3)

Why spend a fortune on marketing your online business when you don’t have to? You can get more accomplished and grow your business faster if you stick to the simple solutions. Years of trial and error by many other entrepreneurs have shown that these solutions all deliver amazing results. Yes, they are simple but so often it’s the simple solutions that deliver the best results.

Continuing the list of tips from the second post (Part 2) in the series…

#21 Unlock the Power of Testimonials

We’re not just talking about getting testimonials for your products, but yourself and your business. You should dedicate a column on all of your sales pages for testimonials. Nothing you can include on a sales page is as powerful as real customers who have purchased and love your products and services. You should also place testimonials inside of your sales letters.

#22 Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Referrals

Not asking for referrals is a huge mistake made by so many entrepreneurs. You need to be consistent on this one. Ask your readers to pass along your emails by including a short message and link to your sign-up page. Ask Twitter followers to retweet your messages or Facebook fans to like and share your updates. You might even consider putting a referral program in place that rewards customers for referring you to others. Finally, include this process in your policy so that you are consistent.

#23 Webinars

Webinars are an awesome method of connecting with customers and building lists at a rapid pace. Sit down and hammer out a topic for a webinar and then include a short Q & A session at the end. Be sure that your webinar provides a ton of useful information. Save product pitches until the very end so that you don’t appear too pitchy. If you are fortunate enough to get invited to a partner’s webinar then be respectful. Make them look like a genius for having invited you! Webinars are a great way of building tremendous rapport with your customers. If you provide some wonderful information then they will be more likely to listen to your pitch at the end.

#24 Send Useful Information

You should never send only offers to your email subscribers. In fact, if you want to unlock the power of your email list then only about 30% of your emails should contain offers. The remainder should provide them with useful information. By providing useful information, you will make it more likely for your subscribers to open future emails from you. Naturally, this will increase your conversion rate.

#25 Take your Best Shot

Get professional photographs taken. These can be used everywhere – from Facebook to Twitter and even LinkedIn. You can upload these photos on article directories, your website, or business directories. Photos build recognition that will pay off in the long-term.

#26 Blog

If you don’t have a blog yet then I suggest you stop reading this and start one right now. Even if you already have a website, you need a blog! Blogs give you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with your local community and create that personal connection that will pay dividends in the long-term. If that’s not enough incentive, then you should also know that Google loves blogs so by blogging you will have a better chance of being ranked. This can lead to a ton of free traffic.

#27 Unlock the Power of Keywords

Getting ranked on Google is huge in online marketing. If you want to get that ranking then you will need keywords that people are actually searching for. Investing your time on a great keyword can reward you in ways that you never dreamed possible. You might need to invest a little money in a good keyword tool though if you want the best chance of this happening.

#28 Bookmark It

Social bookmarking is one of the best ways to help other people find helpful articles and blogposts. Get out there and join sites like Reddit, Dig, and StumbleUpon and bookmark your best stuff. Also, be sure to bookmark other people’s useful content so it doesn’t seem like you’re only promoting your own content.

#29 Press Releases

If you have real news to report than don’t hesitate to publish it to a press release website.

#30 Spend 30 Minutes a Day on Forums

Be sure that you monitor this time closely because it’s easy to get caught up on forums and waste an entire day. Spend only 30 minutes a day on the best forums within your niche. This has the power to increase your visibility. Also, follow the advice above and utilize your forum signature by including links to your website and information about your business. When other forum members find your posts helpful, they will be able to easily find you.

#31 Utilize the Power of Social Media

This includes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are all great places for people to find your business, plus they are powerful networking tools. There are enough books that have been written about social media to fill a library so I cannot possible list everything here. Just be sure that you are utilizing the power of social media.

In summary, there are a lot of different methods of promoting your business without having to spend a ton of money. Keep an open mind and be creative. You could be well on your way to reaching out to all of those potential buyers out there.

31 Tips To Marketing On A Shoestring Budget (Part 2)

Why spend a fortune on marketing your online business when you don’t have to? You can get more accomplished and grow your business faster if you stick to the simple solutions. Years of trial and error by many other entrepreneurs have shown that these solutions all deliver amazing results. Yes, they are simple but so often it’s the simple solutions that deliver the best results.

Continuing the list of tips from the first post in the series…

#11 Work your List

Just having a list isn’t enough; you need to communicate with them. Send out great information frequently and consistently. Your goal is to become the “go-to expert” in the eyes of those receiving your emails. Once they know who you are and you have earned their trust, then they will start listening to your recommendations. Once you have earned their trust, be sure that you only recommend the best products and services to them. It takes a lot of effort to earn trust but you can lose that trust with a single bad recommendation.

#12 Create Promotions Around Silly Holidays

Almost every business leverages major holidays but you can stand apart from the crowd by focusing more on the smaller holidays. Some examples include Opposite Day, National Hugging Day, or even Do a Grouch a Favor Day, or any other day that would suit the culture of your audience. These might sound like silly holidays but you can really stand out by creating silly promotions around these holidays. Try doing a Google search for “weird holidays” to get a list. Choose a holiday and then create a promotion around it. Then track and watch as that promotion stirs up the attention of your audience.

#13 Contests

Give away something to prospects in favor of something that you need. It can be anything you choose. It could be a contest for those new to your mailing list or even a contest to see who can send you the most referrals. Heck, you can even ask them to answer a trivia question. If you offer a big enough prize, then your subscribers will not only enter themselves but might also invite others to join in for the chance to win. Contests can provide you with thousands of new customers in a very short amount of time.

#14 Volunteer

If you’re able, then try providing your services to non-profit organizations. For example, if you design websites then consider helping out a non-profit with theirs. If you write sales copy then volunteer your services in this area. The advantage is that you can grab yourself some awesome publicity while helping out an important organization.

#15 Stage a Launch

Do you have a new product, website, or service? If so, then you should create a launch instead of just releasing it. Launches turn it into a real event and get people talking about it.

#16 Make a Stand

If you really want customers to get behind your products and services then you need to take a strong stand. It must be a strong enough stand that they can relate to. The problem with most marketers is that they are afraid to take this stand because they are trying to appeal to too many people. The problem with trying to appeal to everyone is that you will wind up appealing to no one. I guarantee that you hold opinions that you could share with your audience. No matter what your niche is, you have opinions so taking a stand will give you a method of bonding with your audience. Even those who disagree with your position will bring attention to you. I do feel compelled to remind you that sometimes you will get heated responses, so it’s important that you remain professional. Never allow yourself to be pulled into an argument.

#17 Create Videos and Podcasts

In today’s world, video cameras and microphones are very affordable so there is no reason not to create a few videos and podcasts. Plus, the payback can be huge! Provide great information via a video or just create a podcast if you don’t wish to appear on camera. By doing so, you create ambassadors who will bring you new prospects from all over. As an added bonus, people who subscribe to your email list after listening to your podcast (or watching your video) are far more likely to read any emails that you send them.

#18 Form Alliances with Non-Competitors

Naturally, you’re going to want to start by forming these alliances with non-competitors who are in niches similar to yours. Just make contact and ask about a mutual agreement to promote each other to your lists. You will both expand your sales and gain new customers.

#19 Form Alliances with your Competitors

This option is best reserved for use in service niches since most successful businesses will have more customers than their business can handle. Maybe one of your competitors specializes in a specific area that you do not? Collaborating with competitors is one of the most surprising ways that you can double (or even triple) your business with very little effort.

#20 Add Value

Look at your business closely and see if there are any areas where you can add value. It can be your own products or even affiliate products but try to find ways to add value that enhances the original. For example, if you are selling a book that you wrote then consider giving the first two chapters away for free. Another example would be that if you’re giving away a free product to your email list subscribers then provide additional resources.


Use These The 3 Easy Systems to Build Your List and Make More Money

The two questions that I hear a lot are something along the lines of “How do you make money quickly?” and “How do I build my list?” Well, I used to see those two questions as entirely different subjects. However, I now believe there are three solutions that do both simultaneously.

Method #1:

Give a product away
Virally attract affiliates
Build your list of buyers
AND Make Money

You are going to give a product to a consumer. Following that, you are going to ask them if they want to SELL that product for an immediate profit (100% commission).†

At first, you can give the product out in exchange for testimonials. Then you can drop the price significantly and ask those same individuals if they would like to promote the product for 100% commission. Remember to put your affiliate link inside your product that sells another product, or simply place another link to another one of your products.

Keep an open mind when it comes to finding people to promote your product. They do not have to have a list or even a website. They can draw attention to your product just by sending out tweets or making a post about it on Facebook. The download page will invite buyers to promote the product in exchange for 100% commission. This strategy will lead to a constant influx of new affiliates.

At this point, you are indeed building your email list, and you are making MONEY with the link you placed inside your product. In addition to that, you can place your “money making link” on the download page. Just be sure that your 100% commission promotion is present on that page.

Keep in mind that the building of your list is more important than making a quick buck because people on that list are the individuals who will have a tendency to buy from you in the future.

BEING SMART: Place your affiliate link inside the product and on the download page to a continuity program such as an on-going membership/software program. By doing this, you’ll get even more money (months in advance).

Method # 2:

Sell written content cheap
Provide live courses to buyers
Invite them to promote your product

This method will include selling your report very cheap (roughly $5) in an attempt to get as many successful sales as possible. Collect your testimonials and put them on your sales page. Following that, upgrade the product to a “live training” program and sell at 7-20 times the price.

Make sure that you inform all your initial buyers that they will get the training program for FREE. Then ask them to promote your training program for a 50-75% commission. Essentially all they have to do is send people to your webinar.

At the webinar make sure you include valuable information that is substantial and then promote the offer. Remember, live webinars are very successful because buyers get a feeling that it is personalized, which makes them more likely to buy what you are selling. Once again you are making MONEY and building your list.

Method # 3:

Contact forum owner
Offer 100% commissions
Recruit buyers into affiliates†

This method is very similar to method 1. However, this time you are going to give your product away, contact forum owners (as well as website owners) and introduce the idea of 100% instant commissions in exchange for their cooperation (promoting your product in banner ads on their site).

The one-time offer page will now offer buyers a 100% commission if they choose to sell your product. Do the same thing on the download page as well. Also, you can add an affiliate link inside the product and on the download page. This will allow you to make even more cash.

Remember, methods #1, and #3 are all about building a list that is comprised of people that will accept promotions from you in the future. The second priority is making money quickly.

Method#2 is essentially the reverse of this. Just think about selling a $100 training program at 50% commission. You can make some serious money very quickly. Additionally, you are building your list. You’ll actually have 3 lists. One consists of those who purchased your inexpensive product. The second is comprised of those who signed up for your webinar. Lastly, there is the list of those who made the big investment in your training program).

Now you should know that even a new marketer can make money and build a list simultaneously. All it takes is a little work, strategy, and determination.

The BIG Picture – How to Attract More Customers Through Digital Marketing Strategies


Let us say you are a small business owner. Your business may be a brick-and-mortar business, or it may be an online business. And you want to attract more paying customers to your business.

You can attract more paying customers using offline methods (TV ads, fliers, postal mail direct marketing, and so on). And you can attract more paying customers using online methods (using digital marketing strategies – online advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, and so on).

On this website we will cover how to attract more customers online through digital marketing strategies.

The Main Pieces

There are many pieces that have to work together to attract more customers online. It is my attempt here to simplify these pieces and show you an overview – the BIG picture – of how the various pieces fit together to attract more customers for your business online – through digital marketing strategies.

Let us start with the basics…

You need three things to attract more paying customers online, i.e., using digital marketing strategies. These are obvious to most people:

  1. Something to sell
  2. Some to sell it to
  3. Someone who actually buys

In other words, you need:

  1. Something to sell: You need to have products and/or services to sell
  2. Someone to sell to : You need to have identified your niche market along with their frustrations and desires, you need to identify your clear marketing message, and you need to get traffic
  3. Someone who actually buys: You need to have a process to convert prospects into customers, i.e. sales conversion

Something to Sell (Products/Services):

Here are the types of products or services you may have that you are looking to sell:

  1. You already have existing physical products or existing services.
  2. You can create information products (information that help people to solve their problems)
  3. You can create services that help your customers

If you have existing physical products or services to sell, you are ready with your product/serve to sell.

However, if you want to sell information products, here are the 3 types of products you can sell:

  1. Private Label Rights (PLR) Products: You can buy the rights (PLR) to products others have already created, and sell them as your own
  2. Affiliate Products: You can sell products created by others and get paid a commission
  3. Own Products: You can create your own info products, and sell them

If you want to sell services, here are 3 types of services you can sell:

  1. Consulting: You consult with your customers and advise them on how to solve their problems
  2. Coachiing: You hand hold them as they work to solve your customers’ problems
  3. Done For You Services: You do all the work to solve your customers’ problems

Someone to Sell To (Niche, Marketing Message, Traffic)

You want to find some one who is willing to pay for your products or services, and also have the ability to pay for them. The three main steps are:

  1. Identify your niche (your target audience demographics, also knows as their ‘avatar‘, then be able to document their fears, frustrations needs, and desires better than they could express themselves)
  2. Come up with a marketing message that addresses their fears, frustrations, needs and desires
  3. Get traffic

Traffic is of 3 types:

  1. Cold traffic: People who don’t know you yet, and don’t trust you yet because they don’t yet know you
  2. Warm traffic: People who have communicated with you by signing up for your free report, or also bought a very low priced (tripwire) product
  3. Hot traffic: People who have bought more than once from you, they know, like and trust you a lot. They are looking for your next offer so that they could buy it quickly, and are vocal advocates of you and your offers to their friends

Two methods to get cold traffic:

  1. Paid traffic: You buy advertising (such as Facebook advertising, Google advertising, YouTube advertising, Bing advertising) to generate traffic. Paid traffic is also known as inorganic traffic. It provides quick traffic.
  2. Free traffic: You get traffic by posting on blogs, social media, and YouTube. Free traffic is also known as organic traffic. Free traffic takes much longer than paid traffic to actually get traffic.

Someone Who Actually Buys (First Prospects, Then Customers)

The methods used to get people to buy depends of the type of traffic they are targeting:

  1. To get cold traffic to buy: You need list building and content marketing.
  2. To get warm or hot traffic to buy: You need email marketing and sales funnels.

One of the key skills you need to get people to buy is copywriting – being able to write convincing “copy” that will convince people to take action on what you ask them to. This includes the ability to write captivating headlines.


So there you have it. The big picture of what you need to attract more paying customers using online digital marketing strategies.