Why spend a fortune on marketing your online business when you don’t have to? You can get more accomplished and grow your business faster if you stick to the simple solutions. Years of trial and error by many other entrepreneurs have shown that these solutions all deliver amazing results. Yes, they are simple but so often it’s the simple solutions that deliver the best results.

#1 Planning

There are so many new entrepreneurs who start marketing blindly without any form of plan. They have no idea what they’re doing or what they hope to achieve. This is probably the main reason why most internet marketers seem to hop from one strategy to the next without ever settling down. By sitting down and hammering out a plan of actionable steps, you are establishing a direction that you can follow. This simple step will save you countless hours, money, and makes long-term success much easier to achieve.

#2 Narrow your Niche

A huge mistake is trying to be everything to everyone. Avoid this crucial mistake by targeting a specific niche. Targeting makes it easier for you to find your ideal customers while making it easier for them to say “yes” to the services that you have to offer. I like to use the Internet Marketing (IM) niche to demonstrate this point. An IM company does not market to all online marketers. If they did, then they would face so much competition that they would likely never earn a profit. Instead, they focus on specific niches within online markets. For example, they might focus on helping chiropractors establish an online presence. That is called narrowing the niche from all online marketers to chiropractors. Another added benefit of narrowing your niche is that you’re able to charge more for your products and services while having a higher conversion rate! The bottom line is that you can earn more money with fewer customers.

#3 Your Slogan Says A Lot

Hopefully, you have chosen a great name for your business, but have you taken the time to fine tune your slogan? A company’s slogan is a short sentence or statement that is associated with that company. It determines how you answer to those who ask “what do you do?” It’s a hook and should be short, simple, and powerful. When creating your slogan, be sure that it is perfectly clear, memorable, and direct. It should be unmistakable while also sounding like it’s coming from a real person.

#4 Reach Out

Network with others who are in the same niche as you. Blog about the more successful ones and join their mail listings to see what they are sending to their customers. You might even consider buying from them or even emailing them directly. The bigger your network, the more success you will find. Never be afraid to ask questions, become an affiliate, or ask them to promote your products. Only do the latter once you’ve established a relationship.

#5 Network at Live Events

Online marketing can isolate us so much that we sometimes forget to go out and network with real people. That’s why live events are so powerful. Get out there and go to as many live events as you can afford. Don’t do this just for the training that might be offered (although some of this training is powerful) but for the opportunity to network. Take your business cards, get out there and meet real people. Exchange cards with them. Just remember that you should not try and sell to people at events. Your job is to network. Everything else comes later when you have earned their trust.

#6 Fortune is in the Follow Up

This is a famous line in marketing because it’s so true. Going out and collecting all of those business cards at live events does you absolutely no good if you do not follow up by contacting them. Follow up with everyone you meet within seven days of meeting them. You can do this either by email or phone. You might have to remind them of who you are to pick up where your conversation left off.

#7 Utilize Both Sides of Your Business Card

You’re handing them out anyway so you might as well utilize as much of your business cards as you can. Include a testimonial, invitation to a free consultation, or even link them to a free report.

#8 Ramp Up your Online Signature

So many people fail to do this that I feel compelled to list it here. Using your email signature is powerful so be sure to include your name and contact information. You should do the same with any forum that you are a member of. A cool trick is to also include a link in your signature that offers some form of free incentive.

#9 Billboards on your Vehicle

Many businesses spend thousands on billboards but never consider the fact that they could invest in inexpensive vinyl signs for their personal vehicles. It’s an inexpensive option that works wonders.

#10 Put your Focus on Building your List

Focus on building a high quality email list. Quality above quantity should be the goal here. Never miss a chance to list any prospects that are a great fit for your business.