Most of us have come across the word “branding” in our lives. We hear about branding companies have.

So, do only companies need branding?

We will come back to that in a moment. First, let us understand what branding really is.

What is Branding?

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).

So who needs branding?

Is it only companies?

We see that popular sportspersons and film personalities endorse products. They are called “brand ambassadors” of the company.

They are used as brand ambassadors because of their popularity, and because people tend to listen to such popular stars. However they have been hired as brand ambassadors because they actually are a brand in themselves in their fields, be it sports, film or other fields. They become brands because they excel in their fields.

Why Is Personal Branding Important?

A personal brand makes everything 10x easier.

If you want a job, you want to freelance, you run a digital marketing agency, you are an entrepreneur, you are an invester, you need a personal brand. It will help you get things done 10x faster.

If you have a strong personal brand, you will be able to influence people better, and get results faster.

A personal brand will improve your network, and when you have a personal brand, and so will also improve your net worth.

It has been said that, “The best brand will beat the best skills.”

How to Build a Personal Brand?

Here are 3 steps to building a personal brand

Step 1: Professional Photos

First of all, do a photoshoot and get professional photographs of yourself. Then put these on social media. It helps if you are able to make your face your brand.

Step 2: Build Your Brand On Assets You Own

Here are some “don’ts”…

Don’t build your brand some one else’s channel. Don’t build your dream house on someone else’s property.

Don’t build your brand on places like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook.

Why should we not build our brand on other channels?

The reason is that since we don’t own the channel, it is not impossible that our account may be shut down by that channel. And if that happens, where does it leave us? Years of our brand building could go up in smoke in a moment.

Instead, build your brand on assets you own. And in the digital marketing space, what are assets you own?

Your blog is your asset. You own it. Others cannot just shut you down.

Similarly your email asset is your own.

So build your brand on your blog and using your email.

Step 3: Build Your Brand By Adding Value to Others

The best way to build a brand is to help others. Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything you want in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

A Word of Caution

Remember that it is going to take some time to build your personal brand. So be patient.

Compounded growth can help you in the long term

Your branding compounds over time. Your branding goes through a personal branding funnel.

Your Personal Branding Funnel

Your branding goes through 4 stages which are part of the Personal branding funnel. They are:

Awareness -> Credibility -> Reputation -> Fame


Awareness is where others just know that you exist. You don’t get benefits from just awareness.

As you grow your brand, you move from awareness to credibility.


Credibility is once you have some social proof. You use social proof to show yourself off. Doing this long enough will help you move from credibility to reputation


Reputation is very strong and much more unshakable. And reputation tends to stay longer. Building your branding further will take you from reputation to fame.


Fame is the pinnacle of the Personal Branding Funnel.

Once you have fame, things become much easier. More people come to you rather than you having to go behind others. You can choose your friends, and your partners. You will have many more business opportunities that walk in your door because of the fame you have earned.

When Should You Build Your Brand?

So what is the best time to start building your brand? The answer most likely would be “long back.”

What is the next best time to start building your brand? The answer is NOW!


So don’t wait any more. Start building your brand. Get good professional pictures of yourself. Start building your brand on your own blog and email list, and start helping other people get what they want.

And you will see your personal brand soaring rapidly and your life soaring even more rapidly.

All the best!