Online Realty Solutions

a ValYouAdd Consultancy Venture | Using 360 Digital Marketing Strategies


  1. For property buyers, we help you find NEW CONSTRUCTION homes (budget, intermediate and luxury homes) and land in the rapidly growing NORTH BANGALORE.

    2. For real estate agents, we help you create a real estate business that provides passive income, build wealth, and be able to leave a legacy (a revenue generating real estate business) for your children. We also train you to find more high-quality leads using 360o digital marketing automation – using automated SMS, Email, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, sales funnels, and paid ads as needed.

Strategy Steps to
Grow Your Business Online

Have a strategy and implement the strategy to grow your small business.

1. Engage your audience with a Support Chat on your website

2. Get High Quality Leads Using our Proven Chat Markeing System

3. Nurture Leads Through Automated Follow Ups

4. Increase Sales Using Instagram & Messenger Automation, Email Marketing and SMS Text Marketing

Why High-Quality Leads are
Critical for Your Business

Get High-Quality Pre-Qualified Leads Versus Low-Quality Leads

Getting low-quality leads is worse than getting no leads 

Because you will waste precious time, money and resources on leads who will never buy from you

Instead, pre-qualify your leads to get high-quality leads by building trust and filtering out low-quality leads using automated Facebook Messenger (chatbot) marketing

We Work With
Different Kinds of Business

Some of the kinds of businesses we work with…

Real Estate

Get high quality leads to sell your real estate properties.

E Commerce and Brick & Mortar Stores

Sell your products online.

Coaching, Training, Consulting

Grow your coaching, training and consulting business.

... and other small businesses.

Business Ethics you can Trust.

Our Goal is to Help Your Business Grow!



Trusted Advisor

We love to help
GROW Your Business Online

If your business is not online yet, you are leaving money on the table. 


And if your business is online, but you don’t have an automated high-quality lead generation system, you are losing valuable time and money in your business

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Innovative Ideas

Messenger Marketing is the future in this overcrowded digital marketing space. There are great ideas we can implement for your business growth.

Customer Assistance

Customers first. We support our customers in their success journey.

Global Presence

Clients from various parts of the globe.

Affordable Prices

Very reasonable and competitive prices