ChatBotLeads 5-Day Online Boot Camp

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Lead Generation Digital Marketers hate me because most of them are saying that we need tech skills, a website, landing pages, email marketing or social media marketing to get leads.
They hate me because I am teaching how to get leads and sales using my ChatBotLeads system in 5 days without needing tech skills, a website, landing pages, email marketing or social media marketing.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you frustrated with not being able to get high-quality leads for your business?
Well, then you need to check out how you can learn to grow your sales with my ChatBotLeads system in 5 days.

Hi 👋, I am Binod Maliel, father to 2 wonderful kids and husband to an amazing woman. I was part of top management in the corporate world – then turned entrepreneur/corporate trainer and coach – then also turned ChatBotLeads digital marketing specialist.

After investing huge amounts of money (lakhs) in learning digital marketing, and after learning many hard lessons through failures, I decided to develop a system that brings in high-quality leads with less effort and less cost.

When my client Ashok was looking for leads for his high end stock marketing training priced at Rs.35,000, we were able to get him leads at Rs.17/lead using my ChatBotLeads system.

Here is some feedback 💬 from students who attended this training:

The ChatbotLeads – 5-day online Bootcamp by Binod was an eye opener for even people like me with experience in Digital and Technology. I always knew there is a method in the madness of sales and marketing but could never get a clear understanding. This course showed me a glimpse, and that was revealing. The training by itself was different. We all liked to attend. It was fun filled classes. Just 30 minutes a day but with so much of learning and practical exercises! It is funny we all did not mind making mistakes than try and make our assignments perfect, just to learn the right way to do! The presentations using mind map was excellent as it gave us a clear link and connections which we would not have got it so easily from power point presentations. The co-attendees were awesome, bringing their expertise and knowledge to share. There was so much to learn. I know it was a tip of the iceberg. I look forward to continuing with more such sessions and perfect my digital marketing skills.

– Mohan Ramanathan, Business Owner.

“Thank you so much for your 4-Hour Chat Funnel online workshop sir. I’m just loving it. Besides the process for getting qualified leads, the tools that are required to run such campaigns are the add ons to our learning. The best part of your training is that they are very short and precise, hands on practical training actually adding value to our learning.I would also recommend others who are looking for such solutions.
Thank you so much and look forward to your kind guidance and support…

– Debashish Nath

“Hi Sir, Thank you for conducting this 4-Hour chat funnel training program it’s really helping me to understand the flow of a sales funnels. The novel idea of the new type of lead magnet to get qualified leads is a key takeaway which I never thought. The way and flow of copywriting are really helped me.”

– Victor Jeena

👉 So… Would you like to know how to apply my ChatBotLeads system and transform your leads and sales?

Then I have developed a simple 5 Day Online Bootcamp where I will help you learn the ChatBotLeads system. By the 5th day, you will have the full blueprint and roadmap to your leads and sales using the ChatBotLeads system.

This training will happen online 🖥️ 📱 , and each class will be around 30 minutes long followed by that day’s exercise/assignment that you can take action on.

Sounds cool?

This 5-Day ChatBotLeads Online Bootcamp is from next Monday to Friday at 8 PM.

Here’s what we will cover on each day of the online boot camp (5-Day Curriculum):

✅ Day 1 – ChatFunnel Overview: How ChatBot Funnels can grow your leads and sales.

✅ Day 2 – ChatFunnel Engagement: How to build authority and trust with cold prospects in 5 minutes using ChatBots.

✅ Day 3 – ChatFunnel Offer: How to make your ChatFunnel attract more prospects.

✅ Day 4 – ChatFunnel Audience: How to get people into your ChatFunnel.

✅ Day 5 – ChatFunnel Fast Track: How to use the ChatBot Funnel to 2X your leads/income in the next 30 days.

The best part?

This training is normally priced at Rs.1,999, but given the present challenging business environment, I am giving this program for less than what you would spend on a movie ticket (Rs.499).

How can you access this 5-Day Online Bootcamp?

Just click the link below ⬇️ and book your spot, and you will be asked to join an Exclusive Whatsapp Group where the training will take place.

See you inside the group.

Can’t wait to see you grow your leads and sales.

Binod “ChatBotLeads” Maliel